Ceramic Coating

  • High Gloss

  • Durable

  • Water Repellent

  • Stain Resistant

  • Slick

  • Chemical Resistant


We carefully and thoroughly hand wash the vehicle.  We then chemically and mechanically decontaminate the paint, removing embedded contaminants from the clear coat.  Next, we polish to remove light scratches and oxidation.  We hand apply the ceramic coating, level it, then allow it to cure.  Our top of the line ceramic coating then gets another layer, and is guaranteed for 7 years, but it will probably last the lifetime of the vehicle, depending on how you use the vehicle.  

Featuring the latest technology, our ceramic coating has a very slick feel and produces an ultra high-gloss candy-like appearance.  It is an extremely durable coating that interlocks with your clear coat creating a strong barrier.  It is engineered to out perform other ceramic coatings on the market, combining SiO2, Graphene, and Polysilazane to increase the gloss and slickness of your vehicle, giving it long lasting chemical resistance, and helping reduce the likelihood of water-spots and scratches.  It has the gloss of SiO2, the slickness and strength of Graphene, and the durability and resistance of Polysilazane.  This package is for you if you want your car to look great with the best level of paint protection.  Our ceramic coating provides an incredible gloss and makes washing your car easier. 


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